How To Find Winning Products For Shopify ?

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Finding the best winning products for Shopify dropshipping business is such a big deal and very complicated. Like Amazon, 34% of its product sold from dropshipping. Approximately 250,000 products launch every year but you know only 15% can survive.

As we know a dropshipping business allows you to test the market without keeping inventory. Therefore it is said that if a certain product is not good enough for you, you can easily switch to another product without worrying about anything. If you are successful in finding a great product for your store, there’s no amount limit to profit that you can generate.

I create this article to help you “how to search for winning products for your shop”.

How to Select Winning Products for Shopify Dropshipping

I have filtered some points for you, where you can get ideas for your store:

Find your Niche

The main thing that you have to decide is to find your niche, you can find a specific product niche by using Google Trends. Because targeting a specific niche for your store can be a great way to help in your business, therefore, take a deep look into Google Trends and do some researches on the 20 Niches. Another great idea is targeting a seasonal niche, which can easily sell during the season.

The reason for making a niche store is, you can face less competition as you will be targeting a smaller audience. As a result, your marketing efforts will be cheaper, when you want to use Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Finding Trendy Winning Products

Basically, it’s a great idea for you that you sell Trendy Products. If you get no idea about how to select a suitable product for you then you should have to go with trendy products. If you are interested in finding trendy products for your store, or products that are likely to be popular in the future, you can go to Google Trends and also. You have to look through these resources and make a list of which products have more potential.

Research your Competitor Products

To choose the best winning products for Shopify dropshipping, you have known about the level of competition; don’t think you are the only one who wants to sell these products. The best way is to take a deep look at your competitors to search their products, how they source these products and how they sell their products. You should have to list down your competitors because it’s the best time to check the strategy of pricing.

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Determine Price Range

In product selection, you also have to notice the price of your product, shipping rates, supplier rate, and another cost to decide if this product is suitable for you or not.

Contact with Manufactures

A successful businessman has a strong bond with his supplier who provides him high-quality products at a very reasonable price. You can found a huge number of suppliers for E-commerce worldwide. In Shopify, Oberlo even makes it easier to find products. When you have a great supplier who provides you high-quality goods at a low price then you must have source products for your store stick to these suppliers as reliable suppliers are ideal for a dropshipping business.

How to Test and Use Winning Products for Shopify

As we know having a Shopify store is great because no inventory, no worries. Only one thing you need to focus on your winning products when you start your business. You face many problems as a beginner also costs money a lot. If you just focus on 4 to 5 products, it will be challenging for you.

In dropshipping store, most of the profits will come from few products. So, you have to test them and it’s very important. Winning products for Shopify are those products that your audience loves and want to purchase it like crazy. When you find a winning product, this will give you the confidence to keep on going and not giving up.

No worry more, I am here to guide you on how to test your product.

  • Select dropshipping products using Instagram

It’s time to learn how to test products using Instagram as your marketing platform. First of all find your niche, now finding a page around your niche. In this way, you have a great opportunity to advertise a product to those people that are falling into this niche.

I suggest you a method of finding your niche page, select 1 to 5 pages according to your niche. If you want to choose bigger pages, they will cost more money and it will be risky for you because you don’t know that if your product or influencer posts work or not.

In case if you’re interested in giving money to the influencer then you should have to spend only 20 to 30 $, according to me it’s enough.

How can you know either you should continue with this product or not

Whenever an influencer post-finish, you just realize about the post comment, if the post contains a large number of comments or these comments are positive. Then look at the visitors, what they did on your product? Do they buy your product? Or add to cart it?

Analyze this information and move to another page also analyze. This way you can test multiple products according to your choice.

  • Test dropshipping product using Facebook

Now it’s time to learn how we can test the dropshipping products using Facebook.

We use PPE ads for testing dropshipping products, PPE stands for Post Page Engagement, when you use this for this objective it can tell Facebook that you want your ad to show to those people who are likely to engage with this. Its means like share video, post, comment and so.

The main reason to choose this objective is it is cheaper than the Conversion objective. The CPM for PPE around 5 $ approximately, while CPM for all campaigns will be 15 to 20 $ or maybe more.

Facebook will show your ad for those people who are likely to engage with this product, not those who are likely to visit your store and go through the checkout procedure.

In conversion objective which might be more expensive, it will surely give you that kind of people you want. At least you like my product or want to purchase it. Therefore conversion objective is well known Facebook objective for testing products.

How can you find that either you should go to this product or not

First of all, you have to set 50 to 10 ad sets if you have a normal budget. If your budget is tight, you should go with 3 to 5 add sets. The reason of add sets is you can target a different audience to test your product. Now it’s time to decide whether your product is good for you or not, you should have to wait until you got around 1000 impressions on each ad set.

In this way, you can find your product through follow the whole procedure of ads.


For me the best method of testing winning products for Shopify dropshipping is using a Facebook PPE campaign, you have to spend 5 to 10$ on add sets or according to your budget. Wait until you get 1000 impressions in 1 day. After this, you can easily analyze if this product loved by your audience.

Now it’s time to use your product as you get a winning product from these procedures.

It takes hard work to reach your goal, never gives up, does patient, and believes in yourself.

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