Tips To Create A Shopify Store In 2021

Tips To Create A Shopify Store In 2021
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You are also wondering how you can create a Shopify store, the best and amazing ECommerce business in 2021. Today, if you’re running your online business successfully which means you’re sitting in a gold mine. The much easier thing in the Shopify store is that you have freedom as you can do anything you want. This is true that over 1 million people are using Shopify to run their business. Unlike Amazon and eBay, this is an easy and powerful way to use it as it is a good place to start. Shopify makes it easy for beginners to optimize and customize their business.

Now Shopify becomes a No.1 and well-known brand all over the world but the problem is that not everyone knows about its tools and how they work. With Shopify, you can create your own online store with limited cost and sell digital and physical products to customers worldwide.

Pricing list of Shopify: (price plan)

  • Lite plan ($9 per month + a Buy button)
  • Basic Shopify plan ($29 per month + 2.9% and 30¢ per transaction)
  • Shopify plan ($79 per month + 2.6% and 30¢ per transaction)
  • Advanced Shopify plan ($299 per month + 2.4% and 30¢ per transaction)
  • Shopify plus plan (pricing plans start around $2000 per month + 2.15% per transaction)

You can use the following most popular app for Shopify such as Free shipping bar, Loox, Sales pop master,, SEO image optimizer, Best currency converter, and many more. And the most popular Shopify plugins are Modalyst, Spocket, Oberlo, and many more. By using this you can get amazing help. Everybody wants to jump into eCommerce and thinking it’s easy to earn profit but bear in mind that if you don’t have knowledge about it so you can’t do anything or make a profit.


You Can Create A Shopify Store Without Hiring Expert:

create a shopify store without hiring an expert

There is no doubt that Shopify is an eCommerce platform and therefore it is on the top list nowadays. Shopify makes it easier for enterprises that they can start their online business in a couple of minutes. You can create a Shopify store with few mouse clicks and little typing and as a result, you can easily set up your store easily. This is a reason that makes Shopify more famous but also remembers creating your online Shopify store for the first is not easy as well. With the help of experts, you can create it but the problem is how you can handle it as a beginner.

Do you think to start your own Shopify store or you have already created and still struggling to get people to your store to increase traffic and sale? If your answer is yes then, this article is a full of information as you need. When you want to create a Shopify store then there are many things you have to do for the success of your store to make it amazing.

Now I’m sharing some tips for your online Shopify store.

site auditing tools


Tips To Create A Shopify Store:

Tips to Create a Shopify Store


1. Spread on Social Media:

Here you need to create traffic for your store as you’re not piggybacking like Amazon and eBay. This is extremely hard at the start without paying. Always remember now day Social Media Marketing is a powerful and straightforward way to increase traffic and build a target market for the start. There are many ways to advertise your business on Social Media actually so don’t be afraid of anything. In Shopify, some of the Shopify stores got their start with the starting of their ads on Facebook. Always use analytics tools to test the success of your ads.


2. Make Your Store SEO friendly:

One of the most important things that you have to know about is SEO. The sensitive factor of generating traffic for your store is how well your website ranks and performs. To rank in the search engine you have to need plenty of relative Focus keywords that you should include in your website and this is much necessary. For this, you can use Longtail Pro and Google keyword planner. If you try to open a new store under a new Domain name, then choose your niche before creating the store.


3. Free Shipping:

If you noticed, everyone is offering free shipping and you should copy them. Like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Lowes, Target, and many more offering free shipping but with little restrictions. Your website must be amazing and having customer satisfaction.


4. High-Resolution Pictures:

The ECommerce store highly depends on High-quality photos and this reigns an amazing thing for your online store. For this, you should have to provide amazing things for your website to make it beautiful and pictures play an important role in it. This is a fact that you can’t touch and enter in your online store but you need to get the whole experience from looking at it online. The best solution is publishing tons of photos on your websites and they must be high resolution.


5. Email Marketing:

This is known as the most powerful tool for online business. With the help of Email Marketing, you can send out targeted messages to a specific group of audience that addresses their need and want. You can speak their language by appealing to their favorite products. For this, you need to start collecting and most of the stores do this with the pop-up window. If should offer 10% off to them when they sign up for your newsletter.


6. Don’t skimp on your website:

As we know that expectations of people are high these days because of competition and people also judge how their website looks. So, always make sure your website looks amazing and attractive as well.


7. Mention Partnership:

Always show people who you work with and if there are some famous and well-known companies so make sure they know about it. This is another type of Social proof actually. People always attract to these companies who have proofs and guarantees.


create a shopify store without hiring an expert

8. Push for a Product Review:

This is also a social proof because people always focus on the reviews and wants to know the product detail. So, encourage customers to give you feedback after purchasing. Make sure customers leave a review of the product and it will help other customers to attract you.


9. Get Public:

This is another tip for your Shopify store; in this case, you have to reach out to reporters, social media influencers, bloggers,s and other stores. Also, consider guest blogging. As a beginner, you need to do brand awareness and so people will start knowing about you and your brand. As a result, you can get more sales and traffic for your website.


10. Perfect Niche:

It’s actually a difficult phase for everyone at a start it’s a great way of establishing trust with consumers because they can see that you specialize in a certain product. Whatever you choose, stay true to it, and make sure that your site is clear about that.


11.  Keyword Research:


Keyword Research, Create a shopify store

This plays a vital role because this is a need in SEO, without the Right Keywords you can’t do your website on the high ranking. Your ECommerce store should be focused on ranking for the particular search term. For this, you can choose Google keyword planner and this is a perfect way to choose your keywords according to your niche.


12. Having knowledge about people’s pain point:

When you are writing a description about your product then always remember that you should have to provide the solution to their problem as well. Find the product on other websites or Amazon and read the complete descriptions about the product and also reviews about the product. Then remember these points and add them in your description and tell to people that you have a better solution to these problems.


13. Don’t lose customers:

Always remember when a customer visits your store or wants or purchase products, he must stay there until he purchased. Must take a look at the average order size and think about the best way to increase it.


14. About Products:

Let your customers know where these products come from. Make it clear if your products from Aliexpress or from other websites, you can make it interesting if they saw it on TV. You must need to trust faster for this show where these products you get and sourced.


15.  Choose the best supplier:

As we know that there are over 170 Shopify apps for entrepreneurs. One with the largest list of suppliers is Oberlo and Modalyst. Oberlo is popular all over the world as with the help of this you can approach millions of suppliers on Aliexpress. This allows Shopify merchants to work with suppliers and they can send orders directly from their warehouse in China to the end customers.

16.  Countdown:

This is a great way to boost your sale but avoid false scarcity. Just realize to everyone that you let the offer expire at the end of the countdown. Make sure that your customers trust you and encourage you with this.

17.  Expand marketing platform:

You just focus on marketing and don’t afraid and market your store as many platforms as possible. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and snap chat also.


18.  No Copywriting:

If you’re creating or writing content for marketing then you should make sure it’s your created. Having your Channel on YouTube with your content will be a great way to boost your sales and skip over the competition.


19.  Having translation feature:

You can offer your commerce site in multiple languages and this is a powerful way to attract customers. Bear in mind you also offer support to the customers in those languages also if you take this route.

20.  Forums:

It’s also an interesting way to attract your customers or to obtain their attraction as well. But always remember it works well when you are working in a niche. If you’re selling something interesting and amazing then people really passionate about it and enjoy discussing it. Actually, a form will be worth wise investment.


21.  Use Instagram:

Instagram Marketing

As we know Instagram all about visuals and Ecommerce stores are also all about visuals. So you can choose Instagram to increase your revenue. If you’re selling aesthetically pleasing, consider reaching out to influencers on Instagram. They will surely help you to increase your sale.

A social media influencer is a user who has established a reputation in a particular industry, has access to a wide audience, and is able to persuade others to follow his or her recommendations. So that, he can make a good impact on brand outreach so considering a social media influencer garner for more social engagement is better than advertising your brand.


22.  Selling on Multiple Platforms:

It’s necessary for you to don’t limit your business on Shopify. Try to expand your online business on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy too.


23.  Checkout your Steps:

Always check out your store and see how many steps it takes for customers to get for wanting to payment authorization. If it contains something that you can remove then do it.


24.  Giveaways:

You can promote it on Social media via giveaways. This is a simple method to get people to subscribe to your Email or to give your product a great review down the sale pipeline.


25.  Payment Options:


Payment Options

A payment gateway is the most important thing about the Shopify store the reason is you want to get paid. There are many ways to do things the right way or a wrong way. Therefore you want to provide different payment options because you always want to don’t drive customers but you also want to keep things simple. One idea that I give to you is to guide your customers to save their payment information by creating an account. They will surely come again; you can also offer different options like PayPal, MasterCard, wire transfer, and many more.


26.  SEO blog:

One thing is you should choose paid advertisement method and the other is SEO methods which are a slow and low method of ranking. You can do this via Blogging. For this, you can search relative keyword and use in your content and you can fill your wallet with each article you create. No doubt blog is an excellent way for you to connect to your customers and show them there is a real person behind the store. People buy usually into people, not stuff.


27.  Optimize for Mobile:

Approximately 45% of online shopping done via mobile in 2020, As we know more and more people are far away from computers and doing everything on mobile-friendly apps. If your store is not designed for Mobile then I almost guarantee you will lose sales. You just need to optimize your store for mobile and make sure your website does a great performance on every device.


28.  Competitors:

Before starting your business just take a look at your competitors. According to my opinion, it’s a brilliant way to pay attention to what they are doing and piggyback on their success and this is not the dumb thing. You should have to use the same thing as your competitors doing.


29.  Social Share:

If you want to make a quick way to skyrocket your success then got a lot of marketing for your store. Social proof is all about everything and as a beginner you do not have a huge following so people want to realize your reputation.


30.  Refund:

Now, most of the websites offer their customers money back and refund facilities. If you don’t like the product you order then you can able to send it back and they are responsible to refund your money. This is an amazing and interesting thing for customers they also attract by this offer. You also need to mention it on every product page.


31.  About us page:

Usually, customers love to know who is behind this mask and what story about them. They are intrusted to know about you and your success. It’s really very easy to create websites and start selling but at the same time, it’s difficult and challenging as a store owner to develop trust between them. Make sure your about us page contains every important detail and information which a customer wants to read about you. In dropshipping, this is very important.


32.  Customer Service:

If you have a team behind your store for customer service then it’s a huge deal-breaker.  And if a customer asks a question, he expects a quick response therefore make sure you have a live chat in your which helps you to answer all enquires within few minutes. As a result, if you don’t get someone within 24 hours which means customers gone.


33.  Track everything:

For tracking everything in your store you should have to use FB Pixel to set up properly and to track your traffic use Google Analytics.


34.  Drag and Drop tools:

Most of the store owners don’t have knowledge of coding and therefore they use tools and apps for this. Sow of them paid or some of them free. You also need to make your store incredible for this use built-in store features.


35.  Product Title:

Always make cute and little titles for your product, but keep things simple and straight to the point. Write detail about the product and its benefits so you can easily rank this to the search engine.


36.  Description:

Always remember don’t copy someone’s description; make your own description according to the products. There is also a point to stand out in the crowd.


37.  Load time:

Your website must open within 5 seconds so check it time by time.


38.  Retargeting:

Once a customer visits your site he must be visited again and it will be your strategy. Don’t let the customer go because if he visits your store and goes without purchasing then it will be a loss for you. You should always retarget your audience and don’t let them go.


39.  FAQ page:

You should have to add a FAQ page on your dropshipping store. It will surely helpful for you as well as someone who has to get the answer to his questions in the live chat. The FAQ page will be clear on your website so that people realize it.


40.  Automate Marketing:

No doubt there are plenty of people who focus on getting sales for an ECommerce store, so you could outsource the things if you have the budget for it.

41.  Personalize Brand:

If we notice then we will realize that there are plenty of online stores that are successful because they created this brand that people recognize. Think about the brand like Gucci and Nike, they are famous and people like them as well.


42.  Generate Content:

If you have satisfied customers so offer them something to do a video review of your product. If you have a unique product then people surely like it and they also make videos for this product and so you can easily generate amazing content for your store.


43.  Do A/B test:

You should always have 2 variations of all products so you can easily test them for sale. You can’t know which product is good enough you test it and make a decision. So always do a test before going for a sale out this will be surely helpful for your store.


44.  Utilize video:

You need to post a video of your products with you and also ask your customers to give a review in the form of a video. When you post your product’s video then people can easily understand these product criteria and features so they will be more likely to put out their wallet.


45.  Remind Wisher:

You must have a wish list tool on your website, also have a strategy to follow with your target audience. If your audience want something else than there are huge chances for more sale if you check it regularly.


46.  Focus on free marketing:

Always try to use free tools for marketing, like SEO and guest posting. It’s a long-term solution but it will help you to down the road. If you try to do paid marketing in the begging then it will be more difficult for you to manage it and target your reach.


47.  Pick your product wisely:

Try to choose those products which can meet your requirement and hit your target. For this, you can contact experts and ask them to make a report on it and after this, you can easily choose your product. If you don’t take attention on this situation than there are high chance your store will not get more sale.


48.  Dealing with fraudulent:

You can face many fraud orders but with some common sense, you can easily prevent the vast majority of losing.


49.  Defective Items:

You can use a technique if your customer receives a defective product. Most store owners do not give them offer but this is a great way to bind your customer with your online store. You offer them if they receive any defective product you will be able to refund postal charges and this will surely helpful to you and the customer also.


50.  Offer Phone support:

It’s really a great way to provide phone support but this is actually an expensive method and also tricky. You won’t able to receive calls during your off duty. You can make it easy after hiring staff for this support. This will be a feasible option for you and it will surely help to boost your sale. At the start, it can be good for you but not a perfect solution.


51.  Facebook ads:

Facebook Ads


As I say try to rank your store with SEO but there is also a solution. You can run ads on Facebook to generate sales and traffic. It’s called paid advertising and this will a great decision for you and your store. As Facebook ads are popular now and everyone wants to improve brand awareness so this is a great option for you.


52.  Google ads:

This is also a popular method now a day, Google ads let you advertise directly to the ideal customers on YouTube and Google. Google has many options about ads so you can only charge when someone visits your site. But before using this you must have knowledge about SEO and keywords that you need according to your niche.


53.  Install privy exit intent:

Some dropshippers do this mistake after attracting the traffic is to let them go without getting their contact information. Therefore privy exit pop-up will help you to do this task done.


54.  Offer free gifts:

If you’re doing dropshipping and your store is successfully running so you can afford this method. You can offer free gifts as a bonus to your customers with this you can increase sales, traffic, and conversion also. If you doing dropshipping from China then this will be impossible for you to offer gifts because your products are already cheap.


55.  Ask the supplier for reviews:

People want to know about your product and business. If your brand is new and not having any reviews and testimonials, it’s going to be getting hard to get sold. Without good reviews and testimonials, you will have lower conversions. Actually, people need social proof and without reviews, you can’t do it right.


56.  Photo resizer:

Approximately some websites have 1000 products and others will have 3000 so with these your website will be lazy if it doesn’t design correctly. Your website should be looking amazing and beautiful but the design is only important for its speed. So use the Photo resizer app for this it will really help you to make it amazing.

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