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If you want to receive your payments with your form on the website then WPForms introducing the best payment gateway to accept your online payment through the WPForms Authorize.Net add-on on your website.

Why I should use Authorize.Net?

WPforms Payment Gateway addon is one of the best way payment add-on to accept your payments with the help of forms on your websites. It is super secure and easy to use. So, the users of your website can securely send the payment through their credit cards easily.

Another best thing is that you can set a one-time payment or recurring subscription payment through WPforms’s Authorize.Net addon.

What are the features of Payment Gateway?

  • Advance Fraud detection quality
  • Highly Secure and fast
  • Powerful payment gateway
  • Recurring billing
  • Accept payment any time from anywhere
  • E-check processing
  • Sync for Quickbooks
  • Retail Payment
  • Secure customer data
  • Invoicing
  • Account updater
  • Simple Checkout
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Mobile payment
  • Mail payment
  • Customer Information Manager

Authorize.Net is Android, Desktop, IOS, and web-based supported for small and medium businesses also for the enterprise. Its pricing is 2.9% + 30c per transaction.

How Can I install and use it?

If you have not installed the WPform plugin on your WordPress website then first of all you will need to install the WPforms plugin on your website and activate it. After it, you just need to install the Authorize.Net addon on your website and activate it.

After installing both you will need to do some settings to start receiving online payments through it.

Now you just need to go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on the WPforms and then click on settings and then options will appear, you just go to the Payments Tab and set the required currency in the currency options. See the picture below

Open Payments tab of WPForms settings

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Now the next step is very important here you will need to add your keys and create an account on if you don’t have one already.

Just scroll the section and you will see that there are two types are keys there, one is test and one is live transactions, you will need to choose Live Transactions. You can also test keys but the Live Transaction key is the option we will need to select and do all settings.

To do all these keys settings you will need to create an account on Authorize.Net.

How can I create an account on Authorize.Net?

This is very simple just go to the Authorize.Net website, Signup Now. After it just selects Live Transactions Mode.

Authorize-Net-account Live-mode

Now you need to click on the settings

Open Authorize Net account settings

Then click on API Credentials and Keys

Open API Credentials and Keys page in Authorize-Net

When you will click on it you will see that there is an API login ID, copy it and go to your add-on setting and past it in the API Login ID field.

Then you need to create a new key, click on the option, and proceed.

Create new transaction key in Authorize-Net account

Click on the submit button now and Popup will appear where you will need to verify your identity.

Verify identify for Authorize-Net

You need to click on the Request Pin option, click on it and you will receive an email with a PIN code, Now enter the value and verify it. Copy this key.

Transaction Key from Authorize-Net account

Go to the form payment setting and enter the key you have generated in the Transactions Key option and click on the Save setting option.

Save completed Authorize-Net-settings

Congratulations you have successfully done your settings.

How to add Authoirze.Net in the form

Create a new form in the WPforms and go to the option and enable it. form creation

Similarly, You can add a subscription form and add Authorize.Net in it. Also, you can add conditional logic in the WPforms field according to Your requirements.

Download WPForm Now

If you need any further help about it you can just contact us or directly contact with WPforms team.

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