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If you are a blogger, online teacher, or businessman then you must know the Power of Email Marketing?

Do you want to learn about how to track your emails and email link clicks sent from your WordPress site?

In this article, I will guide you with a lot of powerful Email marketing features of the WordPress website, with the help of these you can easily track your emails, check link clicks in the emails, resend your emails, and much more that was not possible before.

Are you ready to learn these wonderful features?

Let’s start.

The WordPress WP Mail SMTP Pro Plugin offering these amazing email features to the WordPress website owners to manage their emails in the WordPress dashboard.
In this plugin, you can easily track your sent email and check the links clicks in those emails easily.

WP Mail SMTP Pro is a Game-changing Plugin for email marketing if you are a:
⦁ Business entity and want to generate sales
⦁ Affiliate Manager
⦁ Online Teacher
⦁ Travel and Tours agency
⦁ Running an education institution
⦁ Blogger
⦁ or related to any other industry.
You just need to install this plugin, turn on email logging, and enable tracking only. This plugin will start capturing the open HTML emails, link click which sent from your site.

site auditing tools

This Plugin provides a pro feature that will let you know that your emails are getting attention or not.

How WP Mail SMTP Pro is such a Powerful Plugin for Email Marketing?

This plugin has wonderful features, read below to know about these in detail.

Resend WordPress Emails

This was the most wanted feature of this year that users want in this plugin.
By using this plugin, the Pro customers can resend the emails from the email log. If any of your important emails failed to send then you can resend them anytime.

Also, you can edit and forward it to any other email address.
If you want to send bulk email in just one click you can also do this, it will not affect your website speed and your website will not slow down.

Save Email Attachments

This feature is amazing, if you want to save your attachment when you will enable it then it will save your files with the original email. It will not affect your hosting space because when you will delete the email log these files will also be deleted automatically.
If you will store the attachment then the automatic feature of resending this plugin will also resend the attachment with email.

EML Export

In the latest release of this plugin, it’s providing an EML export feature for the users, Before it, you export in CSV and XLSX type which was available in the last release, so this time you can enjoy the EML feature.
With the help of this, you can do the following things.
⦁ You can export individual emails as EML files, also you can open them up in any email client
⦁ Bulk export of multiple EML files in 1 ZIP is also available according to your requirements.
When you will view your emails in EML format you can see that a real picture of what was you sent and the result you get.

Viewing emails in EML format gives you a true picture of exactly what was sent. It’s an awesome feature for anyone who wants to make sure that their email templates look the way they intended, or if you want to archive sent mails in a visual format.


Network Aggregated Email Log

If you have multiple websites and you want to manage all website emails in one place in your dashboard the this is the best one for you.
This time WP Mail SMTP Pro 2.9 release providing easy access to network admin to email logs from the main site’s email log page with its awesome features and you can do the setting for every website differently.
You can save your time by managing your multiple website emails in just one place with this plugin.

Upcoming Features?

There are a lot of more features are coming in the upcoming releases, you can enjoy this release with wonderful features

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Final Thought!

This is the best pro features plugin for your WordPress website email marketing to track everything about your sent emails that were not possible before.

Also,  do you want to keep a record of the emails which you sent out from your website? Click here

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