Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website

Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website
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Unlike other WordPress survey plugins that lack proper analysis and reporting, the WPForms helps you create the best level of reporting to help you visualize the results and make data-driven decisions to grow your business.

 It allows you to build beautiful, complex surveys with drag & drop easily without any costs or displaying any third-party branding on your site.

Before we start first download the WPForms plugin now

Let’s take a look at the features that make our survey stand out.

Smart Survey Fields

Unlike other WordPress form plugins that create duplicate form fields for surveys which are confusing for users, to solve this problem the WPForms include survey features in their existing form fields.

You can easily turn any existing form into a survey form available on your website with just one click.   

Smart Survey Fields

When you enable the survey or poll option, all form fields are changed into smart survey fields. This includes:

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  • text field 
  • dropdown field 
  • radio buttons 
  • checkboxes 
  • rating field, etc.

They also include a new Likert Scale field. Likert Scales, or matrix questions, are necessary for surveys.

Likert Scales, or matrix questions

Best-in-class Survey Reports

In the last WPForms version, they include best-in-class survey reports. 

Let’s find out, what makes WPForms survey reports better than others?

1- Beautiful Visual Reports that You can Customize

Its real-time insights feature automatically generates a beautiful report against each type of question by using the best visualization options. 

You can also change the visualization type that best suits your requirements. 

WPForms Visual Reports

2- Retroactively Enable Survey Reports on Older Forms

The main purpose to include smart survey fields into existing form fields is that you can retroactively enable survey reporting on your older forms.

You can simply edit any existing form and enable Survey Reporting from the settings tab.

Smart Survey Fields

In this way, you don’t have to ask your customers the same questions over and over again. No other forms in the market can do this. 

3- Real-time Polls Report

WPForms comes with real-time polls reporting that will help you to show results to each user immediately after submitting the form.

You can embed your Polls in WordPress like:

  • WordPress sidebar widgets
  • Inside a post
  • Page
  • Any other area of your Website..

4- Export / Share Individual Charts

It is an important issue that how to share these survey results whether you are doing it internally in your company presentation or publicly on your website or social media platforms. 

WPForms provide an export option, you can easily export individual charts as PDF or JPG with a single click. You can freely use these beautiful charts in your presentations, blog posts, or social media posts.

Real-time Polls Report

5- Customizable Print Styles

The survey addon comes with customizable print styles. If you are working on a written proposal and want to print your survey report you can easily print your report with a single click. 

And also you can customize your survey reports by selecting specific questions and graph/visualization styles.

Export / Share Individual Charts

Powerful Survey Logic

The powerful conditional logic will help you personalize your survey questions based on the audience’s previous answers. This allows you to ensure that your audience receives a “WOW” experience every time while you gather the insights you need to make data-driven decisions. 

Customizable Print Styles

It comes with the Randomize Options that allows you to randomize the order of items in your multiple-choice / radio button fields. 

You simply need to go to the Advanced options tab to enable randomize option. 

Powerful Survey Logic

New Form Templates

As WPForms introduced the concept of form templates in the WordPress form industry. It comes with two new form templates that you can use to quickly create surveys or poll forms. 

WPForms - New Form Templates

We hope you enjoy the survey and poll addon for WP forums. Let’s get started today and experience the WPForms difference.

WPForms pricing

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