What is Alidropship? Alternative of Shopify?

What is Alidropship Alternative of Shopify
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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an amazing eCommerce business model where a retailer doesn’t keep products physically in inventory. In this business model you send your customers’ orders to a third-party i.e. manufacturer or wholesaler, and they send the products directly to your customers. You need not to see or touch the products. 

How does it work?

  1. Your customer places an order at your online store.
  2. You receive the order and send it to your supplier.
  3. The supplier ships your order directly to your customer in your name.
  4. Finally, your customer receives the order.

Benefits of Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is up growing eCommerce business due to its following benefits:

  1. Easy to get started. For new entrepreneurs dropshipping is fairly easy. You just need to find a supplier, create a website, and start selling.
  2.  Low startup cost. The biggest cost for retail stores is to purchase inventory to sell. But in dropshipping, you don’t need to stock inventory.  The only expenses you have to bear are the costs of creating your website.
  3. Huge product selection. You will find a huge variety of products that you can dropship. You will hardly find a product that can’t be dropshipped. There are many dropship suppliers for almost anything.
  4.  Low risk. You don’t need to worry about your inventory to sell. Dropshipping business is extremely low risk. If you don’t sell, you don’t lose anything.
  5. Location Independence. Free from inventory means no physical restriction. You can run your online store from anywhere you just need to have your Laptop and internet connection.  

What is Alidropship?

Alidropship is an ultimate dropshipping solution where users can dropship products from the AliExpress online marketplace. 

With Alidropship, you can easily set up an online dropshipping business, whether as an expert or as a novice, by smooth-running the entire business process. 

As we know WordPress CMS is the most famous CMS, it is interesting that the Alidropship is fully compatible with WordPress CMS which is the most used CMS in the world. You can easily hire a WordPress developer at a cheap rate to build your online store including Alidropship plugin integration.

Alidropship offers you to set up an online dropshipping store either with their plugin or by ordering their team to build a custom store for you. It has a wide range of addons, such as Alishipping, product bundles, product banners, social rabbit, abandoned carts, and many more.

Shopify vs Alidropship?

  1. Shopify is the CMS, but Alidropship integrates into WordPress or WooCommerce. 
  2. As Shopify charges monthly bases i.e. $29 (basic), $79 (standard), $299 (advanced), but Alidropship charges one time payment i.e. $ 66.75.
  3. Alidropship provides a 25% discount for the plugin and a 15% discount for a custom store
  4. Shopify provides 24/7 customer support, Alidropship provides support within 1 day.
  5. Shopify isn’t a great option for SEO purposes (organic traffic). It has some SEO limitations i.e. Uneditable robort.txt file, Uneditable canonical tags, forced URL structures, these are the technical SEO issues. But WordPress and Alidropship allow full SEO integration, as we heavily rely on Organic Search traffic.

Shopify vs Alidropship

Why Do You Choose Alidropship?

Alidropship allows you to sell more than 100M products from every possible category from over 100K+ different suppliers. If you are worried, how to integrate and use the Alidropship plugin then relax. 

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You can easily import a huge variety of AliExpress products to your store, including customer reviews. It allows dropshipping integration in WooCommerce stores.  It has built-in marketing features to send an email and create coupons. You can easily track products and access analytics. The Alidropship team offers free support. 

What is Alidropship Plugin?

Alidropship plugin is one of the best dropshipping plugins for WooCommerce stores. It is easily affordable, easy to configure, and provides one-click product import from AliExpress. 

There are two versions available for the Alidropship plugin, one for WordPress and one for WooCommerce. Alidropship plugin is compatible only with Alidropship built-in themes. It does not work with WooCommerce themes. So, install a WordPress theme to build your online dropshipping store.

For purchasing the Alidropship plugin, then go to the Alidropship website and select the basic version of the plugin. A single license of the plugin is available for $89 for a lifetime. Once you purchase the plugin then you will receive a license key in your email.

The following steps guide you to set up your own online dropshipping store:

  1. First, set up hosting and domain name
  2. Install WordPress, WooCommerce on your site
  3. Install Alidropship plugin
  4. Add Alidropship Chrome extension
  5. Install Alidropship theme
  6. Update Alidropship setting
  7. Add custom logo and color scheme
  8. Add product from AliExpress to your store
  9. Insert product category
  10.  Create about us & contact us pages
  11. Add shipping method for your product
  12. Set up payment gateway i.e. Paypal, 2Checkout, etc
  13. Customize home page
  14. Update product page
  15. Add store menu

It is a challenging phase to build a dropshipping store that is able to make sales and drive traffic while winning over customers’ trust.

what is alidropship.

Alidropship Themes?

It is an important part of building your online store to choose the right theme for your online dropshipping store. The theme directly represents the values and will unconsciously impact the image perceived by your visitors. Because the ultimate goal of an eCommerce store or a dropshipping store is still to generate sales. 

So, it is highly important you have to give your time while choosing the right WordPress or WooCommerce theme for your online dropshipping store. Because a poorly designed online store gives a bad impression and can affect potential customers at first glance.

More than 70% of people don’t trust a poorly designed website. Then the choice of theme is therefore most important.

Key Points

There are some key points you have to consider while choosing a quality theme:

  1. Suitable for mobile phones
  2. Lightweight and simple
  3. Optimized for sale
  4. Optimized for SEO
  5. Easy installation and advanced customization
  6. And also active support and regular updates

Now you have all the key points to select an exceptional theme to create an exceptional store. Now if you don’t want to waste your time, here is a collection of the best WordPress themes to create a beautiful store.

  1. Andy Warhol theme. Fast & light, fully customizable, constant updates and active support, fully responsive on multiple devices developed by the Alidropship team to work with their plugin.
  2. DA Vinci theme. Free to use, easily customizable, multilingual, SEO friendly, mobile & tablet friendly, and equally responsive in terms of flexibility. It is also developed by the Alidropship team.
  3. Michelangelo theme. SEO optimized, offers Spanish translation, fully responsive on all devices, and easily customizable with an integrated customizer that makes customization easy.
  4. Rembrandt them. Free theme, easily customizes and optimize to sell, easily translate into French, German, and Spanish. Offers regular updates and reactive support.
  5. Dali theme. Available in several languages including French, suitable for fashion shops, and Free theme to use. You can create a featured product on your homepage.
  6. Da Vinci 2.0 for WooCommerce theme.  Free to use, compatible with Alidropship Woo plugin, rich customization options, comes with countdown option, support only available for those who are using Alidropship Woo plugin.

Alidropship Themes

Alidropship product import packages?

When you install the Alidropship plugin, then you get the basic Alidropship product import package to import 50 products free. After you added 50 products to your site and have no more imports left, you can purchase product import packages from Alidropship to get more winning items with good-looking and pre-optimized product pages. 

You can choose among the following packages available:

  1. Lite. 100 product imports for $29 (One-time payment) + 10 bonus imports
  2. Pro. 500 product imports for $119 (One-time payment) + 200 bonus imports
  3. Elite. 1000 product imports for $199 (One-time payment) + 500 bonus imports

Alidropship product import packages

Alidropship established stores?

Established stores are those stores that are built on the Alidropship plugin by Alidropship’s expert’s team just like custom stores or the websites made by clients. They are technically identical. The established stores are managed and promoted by Alidropship’s Ecommerce department. 

Further, established stores are developed on an idea. The team chooses a profitable niche, then they buy a domain and hosting and create the website using this plugin. After this, the team imports products and everything’s ready, then finally, they promote the stores.

Then experts promote it on different channels,  try different strategies, customize the stores for better results, and experiment with products. After some time, the website is ranked in the Google search engine and gets its own organic audience, builds a certain reputation, active social media accounts, and so on. When it is ready to bring profit, then it is listed for sale. In other words, the established store is a dropshipping business that is already running and generating sales.

Alidropship established stores

 Alidropship Premium dropshipping stores?

When one of the established stores achieves a stable flow of traffic with a steady volume of sales, and when its marketing is going perfect then it becomes a Premium dropshipping store

Alidropship’s Ecommerce Department develops and runs dropshipping stores with different niches, products, and marketing strategies. Some of them become more profitable. So they list it in the Premium category. 

If you want to buy this premium store then you need to know that you aren’t getting a dropshipping site that can be easily launched with just a few clicks. In fact, you are buying a precise copy of one of the successful premium stores that are bringing considerable profit. 

What do you get when you purchase a premium dropshipping store? When you purchase a premium dropshipping store, you will get a copy of the original website including the store’s theme, structure, imported products, and product data, design elements, etc. In other words, you will get a dropshipping store duplicated from a highly successful business along with all its materials. It means you don’t need to work on On-Page SEO because it is already done professionally. 

Alidropship Premium dropshipping stores

Alidropship Addons?

The eCommerce market is constantly growing, and the competition is high. To complete your online retailers, you should make your dropshipping store as user-friendly and functional as possible. 

It might be a tough task.. unless you use special tools that extend the functionality of your site and improve its performance. 

There are thousands of plugins and add-ons available in the online market. How can you know what satisfies your needs in the best way? It is quite a difficult task to test these plugins one by one in order to find the best one. The Alidropship team has solved the problem of this choice. They offer the best Add-ons for your online dropshipping business. 

Alidrophsip add-ons

Alidropship hosting services?

Alidropship offers various tools and services for dropshipping businesses and Web Hosting is one of the services that they provide for WordPress website owners seeking to start a successful dropshipping business. 

There are some key features of Alidropship Hosting:

  1. Reliable Hosting. Alidropship hosting guarantees an uptime of 99.99%
  2. Free SSL Certificate. Each of the plans..Silver, Gold, and Platinum come with a free SSL Certificate to secure your website. 
  3. Optimize for the Alidropship plugin. The hosting server is perfectly optimized for the Alidropship plugin. 
  4. Easy to Manage Cpanel. The hosting package comes with a user-friendly Cpanel. 

Do other Hosting companies work with Alidropship?

In short, yes you can freely use other hosting companies, and the most popular commercial hosting companies will work for your Alidropship store. The most famous Hosting companies are listed below:

  1. Blue Host
  2. SiteGround
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Local Host

If you don’t want to be confused if a hosting company will work with the plugin or not, or contacting tech support, then you’re probably better off using Alidropship’s hosting. In addition, their hosting is specially optimized to work perfectly with the plugin. Their Hosting Plans are also quite affordable as compared to other hosting solutions out there.

Alidropship hosting service Packages

Final Thought

Alidropship is an ultimate dropshipping solution where users can dropship products from AliExpress and other online marketplaces without paying a monthly fee as Shopify charges. This is the best alternative to Shopify.


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