What Is Semrush? How It Can Be Beneficial For You?

what is semrush?
site auditing tools

I know you are worried about:

“Driving traffic to your website is really hard work!”

If you are thinking such as, as competition is fierce.

then I’m going to share a little secret of my experience.

You can save yourself from a lot of hassle by just following your competitor’s steps.

What I meant to say:

Why are you going to do hard work testing? In this way, you will waste time, money, and energy.

So my SEMRush blog is going to tell you what exactly you can do for your site to increase your organic traffic. You just need to read the full blog until the end, don’t miss even a single line of my blog, maybe this line will help you a lot.

site auditing tools

What is Semush?

It’s an all-in-one SEO Tool that suits discovering market insight and also improves online visibility. Actually, it’s a tool that helps companies to run digital marketing such as SEO, content marketing, Social media, PPC. Now we’re focusing on using SEMrush for SEO.

There are many advantages of using this tool and now a day this becomes the need of every eCommerce platform and businessman. It helps you to identify keywords for your campaign. You can easily know which keywords your competitors are using right now and how they rank in the search engine. Actually, this software is specially designed for those people who want assistance with digital marketing. If you are new in this field and having less knowledge then this tool helps you and makes it easy for you to understand and use SEO.

SEMRUSH Dashboard



How Can Semrush Pull Data For You?

By using this tool you will notice that how it pulls data for understating that how your and your competitor’s site performs. SEMrush can pull data from 2 different ways.

It can pull data by creating a project. It gathers data from outside the database. They start analyzing your website and help you to see how your site competes with your competitors.

Another way is through their search bar. You just have to enter the URL of the website in the search bar; you will get reports about that domain and also keyword selections. From this, you can find your competitors and find different ways to compete with your competitors.

Keyword Gap Analysis

About Semrush Tool Kit?

Actually, its tool kit is a combination of reports and tools that you can use to understand your campaign better. By using this kit, you can get access to a variety of reports and tools.

In starting you cannot know about which tool that you can use for your work, for knowing perfect tools you notice about your goal and plan. Which tools are important for you for your SEO campaign? Which will be best to achieve your goal?

Seriously you choose selective tolls for your campaign because there are plenty of tools in it.

Why we use SEMrush?

If you want to know about your SEO campaign then the SEMrush tool is amazing and great to use. There are many benefits of this tool like

Audit Your Website:

The first step you have to do is an audit of any website. Then you will be able to do a proper SEO of your website.

Semrush’s Site Audit tool gives you a comprehensive audit of your website as compare your usual free audit tools. To do this simply follow these steps:

Add New Project Semrush

Now enter your details into the box given below:

Site Audit SEMrush

And then fill out the audit setting…

Site Audit Setting SEMrush

After filling the form you just need to click start site audit. Wait for a couple of seconds or minutes depending on your site and you’ll be presented with a lovely, complete audit of your site.

Here are the results for this site so you can get a real behind the scenes look at me, too:

site audit report

The Site Health Score is based on the total number of errors and total warnings that were found on the crawling pages on your site. Errors can affect your site’s health score more than warnings.

After going ahead, you need to download the audit report in pdf, so that it may help in solving all errors one by one without any confusion.

Collect Domain Overview Data:

This is your platform. Your checklist, if you will. You can get the data on how your site is performing and what is your real focus.

You just simply type your site URL into the search bar like so and select the Domain overview option from the drop-down.

Domain Overview

That will give you the whole insight of the site through the eyes of Google itself.

You can get a wide range of results that makes it easy to watch every movement of your site – both good and bad – within a really easy-to-view dashboard.

The following picture shows the real breakdown of what you can track.

Domain overview semrush

Monitor Your Website Performance:

At the time when you run your SEO campaign, it always takes time to show results. You will confuse about your campaign whether your optimizations are working or not.

By using SEMrush you can easily get knowledge of how’s your site performs, how much traffic you get, how you rank for keywords and it also will show you if you’ve seen an increase and decrease in your traffic. It also tells you if you rank better or worse than keywords.

Advanced Keywords Research:

It’s true that keyword selection is the most important part of SEO. When your audience will search, they use keywords to find results according to them. Therefore you can easily find keywords by using SEMrush.

With the help of keyword research, you can find the right keywords for your campaign. You can make a list of these keywords for further use for your business.

Actually, there are 3 types of keywords but mostly we use long-tail keywords (keywords that contain 3 or more words). The reason for using long-tail keywords is they are better for SEO.

Keyword Magic Tool:

Let’s discuss SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool. Keyword Magic Tool makes keyword research easier by giving you refined results according to your keyword.

Here you can easily select your related keywords on basis of given data by Keyword Magic Tool – You can select data on providing CPC, Volume, Keyword Difficulty, and SERP. It provides you all the keywords you need to build your most profitable SEO or CPC campaign.

Enter your keyword into the search bar and select database country when you are going to target a specific country and then submit it.

SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool

Here you can see all the related keywords that I have searched for the keyword “Best SEO Tools“.


Keyword Research

Keyword Magic Tool has filters that will help you to get more specific results for your search keyword.

These filters will help you to take out specific words, rates of competition, costs, and difficulties.

Keyword Magic Tool Filters

On-Page SEO Checker:

Semrush provides the best On-Page SEO checker tool that gives us complete On-Page SEO audit and also gives useful suggestions that may help in increasing organic traffic. Each page of your website is analyzed and you’re given an actionable optimization suggestion for

1-Strategy Ideas
2-Backlinks Ideas
3-SERP Features Ideas
4-Semantic Ideas
5-Content Ideas
6-Technical SEO Ideas

Let’s take a look at the result from my analysis-apparently- I have a 1000% boost potential.

On-Page SEO Checker SemrushBy clicking on the ideas button  it will take you to the page like below where you will get optimization ideas like SEO optimization, SERP features ideas, content optimization, backlink opportunities from specific sites:

Semrush On-Page SEO checker

Create Your Backlink Profile:

It is another important thing you have to care about before doing competitive research is to create your own backlink profile. Regular backlink audit is an important thing in SEO.

Because wrong backlinks can harm your site performance and even cause Google penalties.

So, you need the best audit tool for this purpose. I am highly recommended the Semrush audit tool.

If you already create a project for the site audit (previous step), then do the following step.

Semrush Backlink Audit

Semrush full backlink audit report

The Semrush toxicity score tells us about the toxicity of referring domains that affect your site performance and cause Google penalties. So, pay full attention to toxicity score, the Semrush-specific matric passes each referring domain through 50+ markers indicating link profile toxicity.

High Toxic Score means a red alert, you have to get rid of these links as soon as possible before they harm your site performance.

Connect your Google Analytics profile to the SEO Tools, which will update you with referral traffic count, and make your backlink management prioritization even easier.

And you don’t need to worry about being too late with spotting a toxic backlink, as Semrush’s backlink analysis tool holds over 30.8T backlinks in its database that gets updated every two weeks.

Complete Competitors Analysis:

In all eCommerce platforms, there is much and more need to monitor your competitors. While you want to run your SEO campaign, your strategy will be monitoring your competitors. As an example, there are plenty of businesses that will compete for the same keywords therefore it will be helpful to know about keywords.

It helps you know what your competitors are doing with their keywords and SEO campaign. With this, you can easily improve your SEO campaign. When you will start noticing your competitors you can get knowledge of how they can get more traffic on their websites. When you get keywords then you can add them and implement them in your campaign.

Find Out Your Organic Search Competitors:

Now, Semrush makes it easy to find out organic search competitors for your website. Just follow the following competitors:

how to find out organic competitor by Semrush

These easy steps will take to the screen where you will find the complete organic search competitors details:

1- Your competitor’s list
2- Their level of competitions
3- Your common keywords
4- Your competitions traffic

organic competitor researchorganic competitors list

This competitor list gives you the list of competitors you didn’t know ever before. Don’t skip this page yet, as it takes you to the next level.

Check Competitor Overview:

You can also check your competitor overview just go to the competitor list, choose, press ctrl, and click on the competitor name it will open a new page where you can see all the competitor deep detail.

competitor overview

Find Your Competitions Keywords:

In this section, you need to break down the competitor’s Keywords list and find out those keywords they are ranking for and get the complete insight details. And you also see what they are currently ranking or trying to, rank for.

Now you have to filter out those keywords, in the beginning, you may face difficulties but later you will have a good result. Now you get more actionable keywords to pay attention to them and get more traffic to your website.


When you get your competitor’s keywords then your next step will be to keep that traffic. No doubt it’s so difficult task to keep your lead engage and interested in your page. For this, you can use SEMrush to track location, monitor keywords positions, connect to Google Analytics and try to keep your traffic happy. In SEMrush you can get different tools to keep your traffic satisfied and attract new traffic to your page.


Semrush Traffice Analytics

Content Planning To Link Building:

Backlinks are important for your website actually that inks that you can obtain from authority sites. This will improve your position and build trust in your site. When you get backlinks through established sites then Google trusts your site more and audiences will also trust it.

SEMrush tools allow you to earn more valuable backlinks and this tool also allows you here you can get a backlink. It’s also a great way to learn what backlinks your competitors earn. With this, you can know how many backlinks they have and you can use them to create a better strategy for your campaign.

Backlink checker

What does Semrush Cost?

It offers 3 different plans. The cost totally depends upon the plan you choose.

SEMrush offers 14 days free trial so that you can use this and then move on to the paid membership. Its Monthly membership starts from 99.95$ and annual from 999.40$. In each package, you can get multiple features and core collections.

One of the best benefits of SEMrush is that it also gives you an idea of how to gain more traffic on your website?

Semrush Plans & Pricing




The real focus of this article is to help the websites by using SEMrush tool. Here you can find the possibilities to rank your website by auditing the website, Keyword Analysis, position tracking, brand monitoring, and many more, and give your competitor a tough time and can create a positive user experience.

Hope you enjoy the whole article and will be able to use SEMrush easily.

Want to Learn More?

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